[Image result for thanksgiving] Thanksgiving Day Dinner

22-го Ноября в 6 часов вечера в зале ресторана


В программе: великолепный ужин

включая Индюшку  десерт

и другие традиционные блюда) 

Прекрасная живая музыка

Поем, танцуем и веселимся  все вместе.

Приглашаем всех.

Места ограничены.

Резервируйте заранее по тел:


 Вкусная банкетная еда

  Всего $45

плюс сервис для официантов

(Предварительная оплата )

Алсогольные напитки не включены






New Kolobok Café-presents homemade Dumpling (vareniki, pelmeni)
Order one dish second half off.
Eat with us
Drink with us 
Dance with us to the new projection tv music! 

New Kolobok
Tel: 754 210 6123 
26 Diplomat Parkway, 
Hallandale, FL 33009
Inside of Knights Inn Hotel

European style Hand Made 
(Vareniki ($10), Pelmeni ($10), Ravioli($10)

Chicken Dumplings-Pelmeni
Beef and Pork Dumplings-Pelmeni
LB Cabbage Ravioli-Vareniki
Potato Ravioli-Vareniki
Cheese w/ dill and onion 
Cheese and spinage-vareniki
Cherry Ravioli-Vareniki

Blueberry Ravioli-Vareniki

Good Food Cafe In Hallandale



New Kolobok
Tel: 754 210 6123 
26 Diplomat Parkway,
Hallandale, FL  33009
Inside of Knights Inn Hotel

Oatmeal                                                                               4

     French Toast                                                                          6

          Cereal                                                                                             3


          Toast Bread (White or Wheat) or                                        3


          2 Eggs any style with toast and butter                               5


          2 Eggs, home style potato, 2 toast & Butter                    7


          Big breakfast: 2 Eggs, home style potato,

                                      2 Toast & Butter

                                      w/ bacon                                                         9

          Vegetable Omelet:  2 Eggs with tomato, onion,

                                      green paper                                                     8


          Add extra Egg for all orders                                                   1.50

          Coffee or hot tea                                                                        2

          Cake NAPOLEON or chocolate   tart                                         5


  Prices subject to change without notice

    Appetizers, Salads and sandwiches


  Herring with onion and Hot home style potato                                           9

  Herring w/ beets, potato and carrots (селедка под шубой)                      9     

  Blintzes (3) with Farmer Cheese or Chicken (w/sour cream)                   10   

  Garden Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, lettuce, dill)               10 (chicken+$2.00)

  Greek Salad (Tomatoes, Lettuce, Olives, Feta Cheese)                      9 (chicken+$2.00)

  Caesar Salad                                                                                         9

  Potato Pancakes - 4 (Latkes— Драники)  w/sour cream                        12 Chicken       nuggets with French Fries                                                                     8    

  Hot dogs with French fries                                                                   7                              

  Turkey Sandwich   on bread                                                                8

  Grilled Chicken Sandwich                                                                    9

  Hamburger with Fries                                                                  8.50                                    

  Cheeseburger with Fries                                                                   9                                    

  Tuna Sandwich                                                                                  7.50

  Shredded cheese w/Garlic and Mayo                                               8

  Assorted pickled vegetable                                                                8

  Jellied minced meat (Холодец)                                                         8



  Borscht (Beets, vegetables, meat, served with sour cream)             8

  Chicken Soup                                                                                        6

  Matzo Ball Soup                                                                                    6

  Fish soup                                                                                               8

  Some dishes are not available at the Summer time. Please ask for availability.

                               Main Course

  Lamb Grilled                                                                                                 19                      

  Chicken Grilled                                                                                              12                  

  Pork shish Kabob                                                                                          14                 Chicken Tabaka                                                                                              16

  Chicken Shish Kabob                                                                                     14

  Chicken Cutlet   with home potato                                                               14

  Zrazi (Potatoes stuffed with meat  and mushroom )                                  12

  Pelmeni (chicken)                                                                                           9

  Vareniki  with potato or farmer cheese                                                       10

  Fried Potato with mushrooms                                                                      10

  Chicken Quesadilla with French Fries                                                          10                    



  Salmon Grilled                                                                                               15

  Fish of the day Grilled                                                                                   12                                      
 Sides: Home made Potato, Rice,  Buckwheat

Beer large selection                                                                                   4

Russian beer  0.5 L                                                                                    5

Vine large selection

Juices (Apple, Orange)                                                                            2.75

Bottled water                                                                                           2.75

Some dishes are not available at the Summer time. Please ask for availability.

         European style Hand Made  Dumplings

                              (Vareniki ($10), Pelmeni ($10), Ravioli($10)

           Chicken Dumplings-Pelmeni

           Beef and Pork Dumplings-Pelmeni

           LB Cabbage Ravioli-Vareniki

           ​Potato Ravioli-Vareniki

          Cheese w/ dill and onion

          Cheese and spinage-vareniki

          Cherry Ravioli-Vareniki


          Blueberry Ravioli-Vareniki

 Some dishes are not available at the Summer time. Please ask for availability.